Blocked drains are one of the most frequent plumbing problems that occur in Australia. Blocked drains can be such a massive hassle and frustration. Toilets and sinks that are slowly draining or struggling to drain, after all, create a delay in doing different day to day activities and necessities. The following a number of reasons why can drains get blocked and simple tips to prevent it:

  • Foreign Object

A lot of objects down the drain are actually things that are not supposed to be drained or flushed down there. Those objects can definitely cause a build-up and block the drain and preventing water to flow. Foreign objects that are typically found in the drain, such as diapers, soaps, toilet papers and wipes, and other sanitary items, even toys as a result of children randomly flushing things down the toilet. A major blockage can occur that slows down the drain or prevent it from draining completely.

  • Grease and Fat

The grease and fat come from the food waste or soap you use from washing dishes in the sink. Avoiding any grease or fat to flow down the drain is not as hard as you might think. The wastewater that goes down the drain, the fat and grease components become solid and struggling to remove as it sticks to the walls of the pipe from forming a mortar that is even harder to eliminate leaving the build-up with a quite nasty smell. The easiest and most effective option to help prevent blocked drains is to drain heated water or non-chemical drain cleaner frequently.

  • Hair

Hair falling out in clumps can be such an annoyance to one’s self. Not merely that, it also can affect the drain where hair can go down the drain causing a lot and can create a huge problem for homeowners as a result of it being blocked, from washing the hair if not shaving. Hair clogs can be tough to cope with since they combine with other materials, like grease, fat, and other debris.

  • Trees and leaves

Tree roots and leaves are one of the things that can lead to blocked drains quite frequently, particularly during the autumn season, you are expected to experience it along the sewer line. Leaves that are washed away down the drain will amplify and combined into one huge pile in the sewer line leading to a blockage or clogging in the pipes. Tree roots are harder to handle as they can crack the pipe in the drain to look for moisture, causing a burst over time. Tree roots growth can be precluded by cleansing the pipes in the drain with chemicals.

  • Poor Workmanship

Occasionally the blockage in the drain happens not as a result of build-up factors, sometimes it is really because of the type of pipes or drain system itself. Many pipes are exceptionally more fragile than the others, especially because of the material they were made that gives a chance to be at risk of damage which can result in a blocked drain, such as clay pipes. Pipes need to be cared for in order to prevent deteriorating quality in a short span of time. The installing of pipes for drain systems also contributes when it comes to blocked drains. Low-quality workmanship and skills can certainly impact the system itself.

Should you have become aware of one or several of the above symptoms, contacting a trusted plumber from a trusted company is very compulsory. Rather than risking personal injury or further damage to your pipes by attempting to fix the issue yourself, you are strongly advised calling in for a qualified plumbing service like Local Inner West Plumbers

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